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Spay Surgery

Over 3 million animals are destroyed in shelters each year, mostly because they were born unwanted. As a responsible pet owner, the best thing you can do to help cut down on this number is to spay your female dog or cat. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital our veterinarian team feels very strongly about having every one of our female patients spayed at an early age. Not only will you avoid adding to the unwanted animal population, your pet will enjoy a number of health benefits that help it to live a longer life.

Spay Surgery at Crosspointe Animal Hospital

Fairfax Station Vet Talks About Spay Surgery Benefits

The most obvious benefit of having our Fairfax Station vet spay your dog or cat is that you eliminate the chance of accidental litters. Even the smoothest pregnancy and delivery can pose a health hazard to your pet, plus having a number of new animals to the house can be a challenge most owners aren't prepared for.

Besides avoiding a new bunch of pets, having your pet spayed can give it some real health benefits that can extend its life. Some of the most important are:

  • Eliminating the risk of breast cancer
  • Reducing the desire to escape and roam the neighborhood, which can mean auto accidents or fights with other animals
  • Eliminating the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer

Spaying stops heat cycles and cuts down on aggression, so having your furry friend spayed can have real benefits in terms of behavior, as well.

Spay Surgery at Crosspointe Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian advises that puppies and kittens be spayed at a young age. During their first wellness exam, usually, at six to eight weeks, we'll discuss bringing your pet in soon for spay surgery. The younger an animal is, the easier it recovers from any type of medical procedure, so eight weeks of age isn't too young to start.

Our team is dedicated to keeping all of our patients happy and healthy, and that begins with great preventative care like having them spayed. Call our office at (703) 690-6600 and we'll make an appointment for your dog or cat as soon as possible.


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