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Vaccinations In Fairfax Station VA


Vaccinations are an important part of pet wellness and disease prevention. As a pet owner in Fairfax Station, getting your pet vaccinated is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pet healthy. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, we encourage all pet owners in Fairfax Station to vaccinate their pet. Getting regular pet vaccinations can help stop the spread of diseases and can help your pet live a longer and healthier life.

Core Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

Core vaccinations are the vaccinations that are given to all dogs or cats regardless of their lifestyle. Core vaccinations inoculate against diseases that are very common, like rabies and distemper. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital in Fairfax, we provide the following core vaccinations for dogs:

  • Canine parvovirus: Parvovirus is a life-threatening virus that can affect the intestinal tract.
  • Canine distemper: Distemper is an illness that can affect a variety of the systems in the dog body. Young and adolescent puppies are particularly vulnerable to this illness.
  • Canine hepatitis: Canine hepatitis is a type of liver infection.
  • Rabies: Rabies is a deadly virus that affects the dog's brain and eventually leads to death.

We also provide the following vaccinations for cats:

  • Feline panleukopenia: This illness can be deadly and primarily affects young cats.
  • Feline calcivirus: This upper respiratory tract infection is commonly found in large groups of unvaccinated cats, like in shelters and large cat families.
  • Feline rhinotracheitis: This virus can affect any unvaccinated cat but is a particular risk for cats with a compromised or weak immune system, like pregnant cats.
  • Rabies: This deadly virus affects cats as well as dogs. Fortunately, the vaccine is effective in providing protection.

Reasons to Vaccinate Your Pet

There are many reasons to vaccinate your pet in Fairfax VA, including:

  • Prevent rabies infection. Rabies is a very serious illness that can affect humans as well as animals. By vaccinating your pet against rabies, you can help stop the spread of rabies throughout the community, protecting people as well as pets.
  • Prevent your pet from succumbing to certain diseases. Vaccines are designed to protect your pet from some of the most common illnesses that affect pets in our community. By vaccinating your pet, you help extend your pet's lifespan and improve your pet's quality of life overall.
  • Prevent your pet from getting diseases and infections from other unvaccinated animals. Pets can share illnesses with one another in the same way that humans transmit illnesses from one person to another. If your pet spends any time in the presence of other animals, having your pet vaccinated can help protect your pet from illnesses that other pets may be experiencing.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Fairfax Station VA

At Crosspointe Animal Hospital we're proud to be your pet's vet in Fairfax Station VA. We're AAHA credited, and provide house calls (primarily for cats). To make an appointment for your pet's vaccinations, contact us at (703) 690-6600.

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