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Pet Wellness Exam From Your Fairfax Station Veterinarian

One of the best ways of keeping your pet happy and healthy is by practicing preventative wellness. Caring for your pet before it gets sick is the best way to avoid illness and disease. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, our Fairfax Station veterinarian strongly believes in regular pet wellness exams for all of our patients. In our office, wellness examinations aren't just quick checkups. We give each animal a nose-to-tail examination every time to make sure it's as healthy as can be. 

pet wellness exam from your fairfax station veterinarian

Veterinarian Stresses Importance of Regular Checkups

It's much better to prevent disease than to treat it after it happens. Our veterinarian team wants every one of our patients to have regular wellness exams on a specific schedule. Kittens and puppies should come in four times during their first year, beginning in their eighth week. Once your pet reaches one year of age, we like to see them on an annual basis. And senior cats and dogs, those seven years and older, should come in to be checked twice a year because they're more likely to develop diseases as their bodies age.

There's a wide variety of problems we can catch early enough to treat, but only if we see your pet on a regular basis. Problems with your pet's teeth and gums can lead to internal infections that need to be treated, poor oral hygiene can lead to dental problems, obesity brings on a world of problems in pets just like it does with people, and even simple things like your dog's claws being too long can lead to breakage or a claw curling back and working its way into a pad. 

Not Just a Quick Checkup

In our office, we give each pet a thorough examination to make sure there aren't any developing illnesses. This examination includes many parts of your pet's body, including:

  • Teeth, gums, and mouth
  • Scheduled vaccinations
  • Checking ears
  • Looking for fleas, mites, and other parasites
  • Checking skin and fur for rashes and allergies
  • Caring for claws
  • Checking weight and size to look for canine or feline obesity

All of our pet patients will be given flea and tick preventative medication, and we encourage all of our pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered. Most pets can have the procedure done as early as eight weeks, or when they reach two pounds in weight. Finally, all of our pet owners will find that our caring veterinary team is happy to consult with them and give advice on the best ways to help give their pets the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Fairfax Station Veterinarian

Finding just the right veterinary team for your pet is crucial because you'll be building a relationship that will last the lifetime of your dog or cat. Our caring team is eager to get to know your pet. Give our Fairfax Station Veterinarian a call at (703) 690-6600 for an appointment today.

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