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Pet Vaccine FAQ with our Fairfax Veterinarian

Crosspointe Animal Hospital is an AAHA accredited animal clinic whose staff is comprised of a group of highly knowledgeable and caring pet professionals. Each veterinarian in our office has many years of experience in treating a wide variety of pets and in administering routine as well as more involved pet procedures. Since 1996, Crosspointe has been providing service to Fairfax Station, Lorton, Springfield, Lake Ridge, Burke, Mason Neck and the surrounding areas. Our range of services include boarding, surgery, general practice, wellness exams and, very importantly, vaccinations.

Pet Vaccination

The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Just like humans, pets need to be protected from illnesses. Vaccines are the best way to reduce the likelihood of your pet coming into contact with agents that can adversely affect their health. It’s especially important for you to vaccinate your pet because, unlike humans, pets can’t necessarily self-regulate and naturally stay away from health-threatening situations. Depending on the season and geographical location, your pet may be at a daily risk of coming in contact with insects of other carriers of conditions such as distemper, rabies and Lyme Disease. Keeping up with regular wellness visits and the proper schedule of vaccines can not only prevent your pet from getting sick, it could also play a huge factor in increasing their lifespan.

How Often Do I Need to Vaccinate My Pet?

Regulations for pet vaccinations vary from state to state and depends largely on the country and the climate you live in. There are also different types and schedules of vaccinations for different dogs. There is no “one shot fits all” solution for pet vaccines. In any case, however, it is likely that you’ll need a series of visits to the vet to do a complete schedule of vaccinations. Your veterinarian can help you to best determine what vaccines your pet needs and the frequency with which he or she should receive them.

Do Need to Bring My Pet into the Office for Vaccinations?

For the most part, yes. However, if necessary, we are happy to make house calls. In most cases, our home visits are extended to cats.

Will Vaccinations Be Painful for My Pet?

Generally, no. We strive to make your pet as comfortable as possible when administering vaccinations. That being said, we do understand that some pets are a bit skittish and fearful when getting examined or prodded in any situation. Crosspointe’s unique and innovative pet pain treatment works to relieve your pet’s anxiety and to ensure a happy visit for fearful animals.

Will Vaccinations Cause Any Side Effects?

Reactions to vaccinations may vary from pet to pet but, in general, some of the most common responses include:

  • Swelling under the skin at the site of the vaccine

  • Decreased appetite

  • Low fever

  • Coughing, sneezing or other mild cold-like symptoms

  • Lethargy

Schedule an Appointment with Your Fairfax Station Veterinarian

Keep in mind that these side effects should only last for about a day or two. You should call the vet immediately if they last longer than that or if your pet exhibits any pain or extreme discomfort upon returning home after vaccinations. Contact us at (703) 690-6600.

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