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Neutering Surgery at Crosspointe Animal Hospital, Your Fairfax Station Vet

At Crosspointe Animal Hospital in Fairfax Station, we aim to ensure your pet gets the very best level of care possible. To achieve this, we work closely with you to ensure you understand every procedure, why it is necessary, and how we’ll approach it using only the highest quality of care and state-of-the-art technology. This includes providing you with neutering surgery. Your Fairfax Station vet is available, as well, to answer any questions you may have.

Pet Neutering Surgery at Crosspointe Animal Hospital

Why Should You Schedule Neutering Surgery?

Many times, our animal patients benefit from neutering. Both spaying and neutering can offer a wide range of benefits to the pet population. In short, there are far more animals than there are homes for them. Neutering surgery gives you, a pet owner, the ability to minimize this. In addition, there are other benefits to this procedure including:

  • There’s less aggression in your pet. Your pet’s aggressive behavior may improve significantly as a result of this procedure.
  • Your pet is less likely to roam. Your pet is less likely to leave home or become injured as a result of roaming.
  • There’s less risk of disease. Specifically, the risk of testicular cancer is eliminated. This can help your pet to live a longer life.

If you’ve wondered if you should pursue this type of procedure for your pet, contact us and talk about it with our team.

When Should Your Pet Be Neutered?

We recommend to you when you should have your pet neutered. Various factors play a role in this including your pet’s overall health. Studies indicate that you can have your pet neutered when their testicles drop, but not sooner than this. We usually recommend this between the ages of 6 and 9 months. Again, every patient is different. Our vet can provide you with more information about the best time to neuter your pet based on its specific health and age. We’re happy to provide your pet with an examination to get started.

Meet with Your Veterinarian to Discuss the Neuter Process

You do not have to make the decision to neuter alone. When you meet with your veterinarian at Crosspointe Animal Hospital, you’ll get one-on-one care for your pet. We’ll talk to you about the procedure, the risks, and the benefits. We’ll also help you to understand what you can expect during the procedure. It is a very safe procedure for most animals. And, your pet should go home with you the same day. With minimal risk and so many potential benefits, there’s no doubt you’ll want to consider this procedure for your animal.

Schedule a Neuter or Consultation in Fairfax Station Today

Call Crosspointe Animal Hospital today to schedule your pet’s neuter or for a consultation. Our vet in Fairfax Station can help to answer your questions and provide you with more information about the options available to you. To get started, call our vet for an appointment at (703) 690-6600.

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