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Pet Dental Care at Our Fairfax Station Vet Clinic

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Your pet's mouth performs many tasks every day, from chewing kibble and cleaning fur to carrying puppies or kittens around, so dental problems can prove downright disabling -- and in the case of severe infections or oral cancer, extremely hazardous to your pet's health. That's why animals require regular dental care just as your human family members do. Here at Crosspointe Animal Hospital, any Fairfax Station veterinarian on our experienced team can provide your special friend with the evaluations, cleanings and treatments he needs to ensure a healthy mouth and a happy life.

When Pet Dental Problems Become Your Best Friend's Worst Enemy

Pet dental issues can take many forms, the most common of which is undoubtedly periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, an all-too-familiar affliction among humans, also threatens the dental health of most pets once they're well into adulthood. It starts when plaque and tartar build upon your pet's teeth to serve as a feeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria prompt white blood cells to release chemicals that destroy the tissues surrounding and securing the teeth. This can lead to painful infections, abscesses and tooth loss that make normal chewing impossible, which in turn causes digestive problems. The bacteria can even move into the heart and other organs.

Oral cancer is another danger that can prove extremely damaging or even deadly. Malignant oral cancers grow quickly, potentially spreading to other areas of the body. Last but not least, your pet's use of his mouth as an all-purpose tool can encourage breaks, cracks and other damage that exposes the sensitive pulp chamber to bacteria.

How Your Veterinarian at Crosspointe Animal Hospital Can Help

A periodic dental exam from your Fairfax Station veterinarian is one of the smartest and simplest steps you can take to ensure your pet's well-being. We perform a thorough evaluation suing visual inspection, X-ray technology and other methods to look for tartar buildup, tooth damage, infections and any lumps that might be oral tumors. We also administer a deep cleaning under anesthesia to remove that tartar and discourage the bacterial infiltration that causes periodontal disease.

If your pet has a dental condition, rest assured that he's in good hands at Crosspointe Animal Hospital. Your veterinarian can perform procedures to remove cancerous tumors from the oral cavity, or to extract infected teeth that pose a danger to the rest of the mouth. We can also recommend home care practices such as brushing your pet's teeth or feeding him tartar-control food products to keep periodontal disease under better control.

Schedule Pet Dental Care At Our Fairfax Station Vet Clinic

If your pet's mouth is due for a careful inspection or you suspect a dental issue in need of attention, don't let your pet's quality of life deteriorate. Call our vet center today to schedule an examination and any other pet dental care your pet may need!

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