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Pet Microchipping From Your Fairfax Station Veterinarian

Pet microchipping is a modern solution to the problem of lost pets, allowing you to make certain that your pet can be identified easily and accurately for the rest of his or her life. Painless, harmless and incredibly useful, microchipping is recommended by almost every veterinarian in the country. As your Fairfax Station vet, we are here to help you with the microchipping process. We can explain how it works and microchip your pet in a single visit. Every dog and cat should have a microchip, so please pay us a visit as soon as possible to protect your pet!

Pet Microchipping

What is a Pet Microchip?

The microchip used for pets is the size of a grain of rice, yet contains all the vital information necessary to identify your pet quickly and easily. It does not have an energy source of its own. Instead, the person who wants to read the microchip uses a scanner to pass over the chip using a low radio frequency. The radio frequency delivers a small amount of power, just enough to read the unique identification code on the chip.

When you get the microchip, you provide all the contact information for your pet, including name, address and phone number, which will be associated with your pet’s unique ID number. Anyone reading the chip can access your information and contact you to reunite you with your pet.

How Does the Microchipping Procedure Work?

When you visit our animal hospital to get your pet microchipped, we will use a specialized tool to inject the microchip into your pet. The injection does not require any anesthesia. We will insert the chip – which is only around 12mm in size – just under your pet’s skin near the shoulder.

The procedure is fast and relatively painless for your pet. After the chip is in, your pet will not feel it or notice it is there. The chip is designed to stay put, so you do not have to worry about it moving around after it is inserted. For the rest of your pet’s life, anyone with a scanner can read the ID number and find your contact information.

What the Microchip Does for You and Your Pet

A little rice-sized chip with an ID number on it may not seem that remarkable, but the benefits it offers are quite dramatic. Unlike a tag on a collar, the microchip will be with your pet throughout the life of your pet. It cannot be lost – or more importantly, removed.

Today it is standard procedure at every veterinarian office and animal shelter to scan new pets as they come in. Any pet with a chip will be noticed by the staff and all the identification information will be made available immediately.

At animal shelters the scanning process makes getting pets back to their owners much more efficient. And at veterinarian clinics it ensures that pets are not kept by people who they do not belong to.

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Please contact our Fairfax Station vet office today at (703) 690-6600 to schedule an appointment to microchip your pet!

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