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Posted on 10-26-2017

 The Causes of Toxic Pet Poisoning 

           foods that cause toxic pet poisoning

Your dog or cat can ingest poison accidentally inside or outside your home. They are innocent and often get into the places they should not be. Certain human foods are toxic to pets. They can eat toxic plants, chemicals, beauty products, traps set to kill insects and rodents the list is endless.  When your pet is poisoned often the signs and symptoms are serious.

Symptoms of Pet Poisoning

When a dog or cat is poisoned they may drool excessively, develop vomiting and diarrhea, lose their appetite, and drink excessive amounts of water. This can lead to severe damage to the body and death. Call us immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested a toxic substance. At Fairfax Pointe Animal Hospital in Fairfax Station, we know how to treat pet poisoning.

Poisons That Harm Pets

There are many different substances that are harmful to your pets, this includes:

  • Toxic Plants and Garden Chemicals  - There are many common house plants that are toxic to pets. They might be plants you buy for the holidays or for indoor or outdoor use. Some of these plants are poinsettias, tulips. Lilies and foxglove. Fertilizers and insecticides used to kill bugs can make pets sick if they eat or chew plants that have been spayed.
  • Human Foods  - Certain foods we eat are not good to feed your cat or dog. This includes grapes, chocolate, sugarless gum, coffee grounds, raw yeast dough, onions, and raisins. Before you feed your pet those table scraps make sure it is not toxic.
  • Medications - Medications like pills that drop on the floor have a good chance of being eaten by your pet. Don't leave cough syrups around in those small cups as your pet might drink it. Do not give aspirin or human medications without permission of the vet.
  • Poison Baits for Mice and Snails - Your pet might eat the rodent bait and get ill from it.  Put baits in areas your pet cannot reach. If your cat eats the poisoned mouse it will get ill. Snail baits can be toxic too.
  • Antifreeze and Household Cleaners  - Pets sometimes drink antifreeze if left on the ground. It is toxic. Keep household cleaners away from pets so they do not eat or drink them accidentally.

Contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital for veterinary services when you see signs of pet poisoning. Our veterinarian will help you with this emergency.  Call (703) 690-6600.

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