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Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

Posted on 05-25-2017

Pet microchipping is a practically painless procedure, where a grain-of-rice sized chip is injected under your pet’s skin. The chip is encoded with unique identifying information that will i...

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Benefits to Neuter Your Pet

Posted on 04-06-2017

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of spaying or neutering your pet? If you’re concerned about how it might affect your pet when s/he is neutered or spayed at your Fairfax Station v...

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Spay Surgery FAQ

Posted on 03-16-2017

If you've never owned a female pet before, you may not know much about the sterilization procedure known as spay surgery. Here are answers to frequently asked spaying questions at Cr...

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Pet Boarding In Fairfax

Posted on 03-14-2017

What better place to board your pet than a comfortable facility attached to an animal hospital? A pet care arrangement like this is ideal to ensure that your pet receives the best possible bo...

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Core Vaccinations For Dogs & Cats In Fairfax

Posted on 01-23-2017

At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, our Fairfax Station veterinarian makes it easy to keep your cat or dog up to date with all the necessary or core vaccines. Learn which vaccines are core and why the...

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